Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Restaurant Adventure is Over!

Dear Table 28 Fans and Friends,

As most of you already know, Table 28 was an experiment- designed to test a few new ideas, some staff training techniques, and a new style of very rustic dining that I thought was a welcome break from the original Spring model.  Without having ever used one, I bought a way too big rotisserie in October of last year and opened Table 28 a few weeks later.  It was a simple neighborhood rotisserie with a menu that never changed and reservations were available a few days in advance instead of several months.

The real stars of Table 28 were the chickens (Coucou de Rennes from Brittany) the milk fed lambs (from a Basque cooperative) and the wine (from everywhere).

The Table 28 formula allowed me to spend a lot of time at the building site of Spring in the 1st.  Thanks to Fabien, Sofian' and Ola for making Table 28 an unanticipated success.

I actually sold the lease to the old Spring/Table 28 towards the end of 2009 but was determined to hold on to it to keep everyone working until the new Spring could open.   The timing was a little off (no surprise during a 2 year buildout) but the guys will take a little vacation and return to the new Spring when it is ready.

Thanks to all of you who helped to make Table 28 such an enormous success!

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